Alchemy On Paper - A Unique Art Exhibition Showcasing The Artwork Of Rob Martin And Ian Barrett.

Hebden Bridge Visitors Centre
1 New Road
Hebden Bridge

1st - 30th September 2019

Rob has been making art for many years and has developed a strong following for his cartoon art as well as oil painting and video work - picking up two international film awards on the way.

Author of several books of his cartoons and is also well known as the creator of an amazing series of paintings of famous British Cats including Felix the Huddersfield Train Station cat.

Ian Barrett is a jeweller by profession and also visual artist. Using various mediums including watercolour paint and linocut art and even bringing his jewellery background to his art with the use of gold leaf and diamond dust.

Ian has created album covers for various bands across the World.

This exhibition is the first time the two artists have brought their works together and promises to be a colourful, surreal and humorous display.

Ian and Rob have collaborated on a special artwork which will be unveiled at the show by the Mayor of Calderdale on the 17th September.

View the art of Rob Martin


Artwork For 'And Don't The Kids Just Love It' - Daniel Treacy Benefit Show

Daniel Treacy Fundraiser Show
100 Club  London

I was honoured to be asked to be a small part of a benefit show for Dan Treacy  frontman with legendary band THE TELEVISION PERSONALITIES

Dan has sadly been very ill for some time and the show was created to raise funds for his treatment and also to let Dan know how much his music is still loved.

One of Kurt Cobains favourite bands and loved by many others since 1977 the Television Personalities while not achieving huge commercial success have inspired and influenced many bands over the years.

I created a large banner which hang behind the stage.

It was wonderful to be present on the night and see Dans songs being performed by a rotating series of guest singers alongside the original musicians from the band including Rose Mcdowall (Strawberry Switchblade), the Doctor from Doctor And The Medics, Rolo Mcginty (The Woodentops) and many others played a weird and wonderful set.

The 100 Club is the oldest independent venue in the World and has been open since 1942

It has played host to anyone who is anyone in popular music including Paul Mcartney, The Rolling Stones,Bob Dylan and Alice Cooper.

The banner is 2m square and was printed from a 12 inch square linocut sheet ( pictured below) with extra red acrylic paint.

Daniel Treacy Benefit - 100 Club - Nov 2018
46056233_10157870624088448_5441970730809950208_n - Copy - Copy.jpg
20181030_130754 - Copy.jpg

Morphometry- My First Ever Album Cover

Im truly thrilled to announce that a project that has been in progress for some time, is now finished and available to buy!

I was asked by John Cavanagh to create a cover image for a special vinyl album he created from music he was gifted by one of his favourite musicians - Lol Coxhill

Lol Coxhill and Raymond Macdonald recorded the improvised jazz music in Johns house and the tracks were then gifted to John.

He decided it would be a great idea to utilise the magic of crowdfunding and put the songs out on vinyl

John asked me to create the cover art for the album and I jumped at the chance
I was not familiar with the music or musicians but John gave a little guidance as to theme, and I created the linocut art that now graces the cover
I wanted to create something vivid and playful like the music and incorporated the frog and blackbird which are recurring themes in Lol Coxhill's music.

You can buy the album from DISCOGS here

You can read a few reviews of the album here


A1 Grumpy Ears 7:14
A2 Today - The pond! Tomorrow - The World! 3:24
A3 Dilettante In Paris 3:46
A4 Upsetting The Neighbours 8:35
B1 If I Like It, I'll Write Back 4:12
B 2Complicated Shoes 6:43
B3 Late Night In Portpool Lane 1:51
B 4 It Never Entered My Mind/Duet With A Blackbird 4:09
B5 Weekend Epiphanies 4:06
B6 Spaghetti In The Piano 2:50



Men On The Border - Jumpstart Cover Art


I was very proud to be asked to create the cover art for a cd album cover.

The band are from Sweden and called 'Men On The Border' and the new album is called 'Jumpstart'

The band are very inspired by the music of my Uncle - Syd Barrett and I thought it would be fun to base the image on some imagery from his career.

Roger/Syd played a Fender Esquire guitar  that had been covered in round mirrors.I had the idea of an flash of electricity shooting out from the centre of the image and then reflecting on these mirrors and shooting all over the page.

I also incorporated something of the colours from the legendary Madcap Laughs cover images - when Syd painted his floorboards orange and blue.

I didn't want this colouration to be TOO obvious so kept the colours quite muted and washed out.

The band have now released the album with this image on the cover - they have just added the JUMPSTART lettering in the centre.

You can visit the bands website and also buy the album ( which is fantastic!) from HERE

You can preview the album HERE