Morphometry- My First Ever Album Cover

Im truly thrilled to announce that a project that has been in progress for some time, is now finished and available to buy!

I was asked by John Cavanagh to create a cover image for a special vinyl album he created from music he was gifted by one of his favourite musicians - Lol Coxhill

Lol Coxhill and Raymond Macdonald recorded the improvised jazz music in Johns house and the tracks were then gifted to John.

He decided it would be a great idea to utilise the magic of crowdfunding and put the songs out on vinyl

John asked me to create the cover art for the album and I jumped at the chance
I was not familiar with the music or musicians but John gave a little guidance as to theme, and I created the linocut art that now graces the cover
I wanted to create something vivid and playful like the music and incorporated the frog and blackbird which are recurring themes in Lol Coxhill's music.

You can buy the album from DISCOGS here

You can read a few reviews of the album here


A1 Grumpy Ears 7:14
A2 Today - The pond! Tomorrow - The World! 3:24
A3 Dilettante In Paris 3:46
A4 Upsetting The Neighbours 8:35
B1 If I Like It, I'll Write Back 4:12
B 2Complicated Shoes 6:43
B3 Late Night In Portpool Lane 1:51
B 4 It Never Entered My Mind/Duet With A Blackbird 4:09
B5 Weekend Epiphanies 4:06
B6 Spaghetti In The Piano 2:50