Men On The Border - Jumpstart Cover Art


I was very proud to be asked to create the cover art for a cd album cover.

The band are from Sweden and called 'Men On The Border' and the new album is called 'Jumpstart'

The band are very inspired by the music of my Uncle - Syd Barrett and I thought it would be fun to base the image on some imagery from his career.

Roger/Syd played a Fender Esquire guitar  that had been covered in round mirrors.I had the idea of an flash of electricity shooting out from the centre of the image and then reflecting on these mirrors and shooting all over the page.

I also incorporated something of the colours from the legendary Madcap Laughs cover images - when Syd painted his floorboards orange and blue.

I didn't want this colouration to be TOO obvious so kept the colours quite muted and washed out.

The band have now released the album with this image on the cover - they have just added the JUMPSTART lettering in the centre.

You can visit the bands website and also buy the album ( which is fantastic!) from HERE

You can preview the album HERE