Dandelion Blue. Limited Edition Reduction Linocut


Dandelion Blue. Limited Edition Reduction Linocut


This is an original linocut print and one of a series of only five.

It features a cute rabbit eating a dandelion flower.

Printed using archival colourfast Caligo Safewash Cyan blue linocut ink onto Daler Rowney Fine Grain Heavyweight acid free paper.
The paper measures 297mm x 210 mm and weighs 200g/Sq Metre

This is one of my very first full editions -  andnumberedsigned, named and marked as such in pencil at the bottom of the print.

The magic of a linocut is that EVERY print is unique.
Each print takes some time to complete and each one taken from a linocut will be slightly different.
That is the fun!
Until I make the print and peel back the paper I don't know exactly what the print will look like..

This is a reduction or 'suicide print' linocut in which each colour is printed from the same lino sheet and as the sheet is cut away for each colour it would be IMPOSSIBLE to make any more of this print.
It is easy to say that when they are gone, there can be NO MORE prints ever made!


I am a professional jeweller and also visual artist.

I have been creating art all my life, and I love what I do..

I work mainly in watercolour paint and linocut, and my work has sold all around the World.
As well as my own workI have also created cover artwork for several respected bands across the Globe.
I have even just had an artwork of mine turned into a song as part of a synaesthesia project in Argentina


Every print will be sent double wrapped in blue tissue paper and in a sturdy cardboard postal tube - and complete with signed and security stamped certificate of authenticity.
Ready for framing straight from the tube.                           



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