Owlie - 2 Colour Test Print A3


Owlie - 2 Colour Test Print A3

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This is an original linocut print

Printed using 2 colours of linocut ink onto White A3 Cartridge paper

This is just a test print - to see what the colours look like.
The print came out with interesting colours, but the print itself is not brilliantly aligned on the page.

Not a numbered edition - an artists proof and signed, named and marked as such in pencil at the bottom of the print.

The magic of a linocut is that EVERY print is unique.
Each print takes some time to complete and each one taken from a linoct will be slightly different.
That is the fun!

It is so hard to capture the real magic of original prints in a photo and you will find that the real print looks SO much better.
The contrast and textures of the ink look fantastic in person but can't be captured in a photograph.

Until I make the print and peel back the paper I don't know exactly what the print will look like..

I am a professional jeweller and also visual artist.

I have been creating art all my life, and I love what I do..

I work mainly in watercolour paint and linocut, and my work has sold all around the World.
As well as my own work I am also creating  CD cover artwork for several respected bands.

Every print will be sent double wrapped in blue tissue paper and in a sturdy cardboard postal tube - and complete with signed and security stamped certificate of authenticity.
Ready for framing straight from the tube.                          

(C) Ian Barrett Art 2014

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